Getting Started with the AEM SPA Editor - WKND Events Tutorial

The tutorials

There are two parallel versions of the Getting started with AEM SPA Editor tutorial, building on a fictional WKND Events application; one that builds the integration using React and the Angular. Other than the JavaScript frameworks used, both tutorials follow the same flow and build out the same capabilities.

Note the number and order of chapters in each tutorial varies based on the logical development flow imposed by the relevant framework.


All of the code for the project can be found on Github in the Adobe Experience Cloud organization:

In addition, each chapter of the tutorial has its own branch in GitHub. A user can begin the tutorial at any point by simply checking out the branch that corresponds to the previous part.

Any issues or problems with the tutorial please create an Issue on Github.


If you get stuck or have additional questions make sure to check out the Experience League forums for AEM or review existing GitHub issues

Didn't find what you were looking for? Think you found an error? Please file a GitHub issue for the WKND Events project

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