Amp up artwork with bright colors and creative effects in Adobe Illustrator. Then add a favorite quote or haiku and format it with beautiful typography to create a memorable quote.

Transform flat colors into smooth, colorful gradients. Choose Window > Gradient. Select an object, click Freeform Gradient in the Gradient panel and select Points. Double-click a point to change its color in the pop-up Swatches panel. Add as many points as you want to create diffused blended color.

Drag the widget on the dotted circle to change the spread of a color point and reduce opacity to control color blending.


You can save and reuse a gradient. Choose Window > Graphic Styles. Select your gradient-filled object and click New Graphic Style to save it. Then simply select other objects in your illustration and click the saved style to apply it.


Add a backdrop to make your quote stand out against your colorful art. Draw any shape, fill it with a color, and reduce its opacity in the Properties panel.

You’re ready to add your quote and format it. Explore new typefaces and try changing some typographic attributes like size, leading (space between lines of text), and tracking (space between letters) to create the look you’re after.


See how we turned our illustration into a cheerful, attention-getting post.


Now you can turn your favorite sayings into winning posts to inspire your followers.


Adobe Stock contributor: Farknot Architect

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