Optimize the design and content creation process with Adobe Illustrator.

Three iterations of a flyer announcing a Vinyl Night event on a purple background

A marketer’s approach to content creation with Illustrator

As a marketer, you're no stranger to variety, since no two days are the same. At a moment's notice, you need to be able to create virtually any type of experience—including some of the creative assets for marketing materials, like digital ads, flyers, brochures, and more. Let's take a look at how to optimize that process.

Jump-start your project

When creating a new document, take advantage of the preset document sizes that Illustrator offers. Also, in the New Document window, Adobe Stock offers well-designed templates to help jump-start your progress with creative ideas and design inspiration. You can also visit stock.adobe.com to explore and download even more templates. 

New Document screen with multiple print template options

Define collateral pieces with artboards

In a single document, you can create all of the collateral pieces you need by defining them with the Artboard tool. You can customize each artboard to a specific piece, and quickly move and copy assets between artboards.

Artboard options for print collateral

Pro assets at your fingertips

If you need professional images, but don’t have the time or budget for a photo shoot, Adobe Stock, which integrates seamlessly with Illustrator, offers a nearly endless selection of high-quality photos, graphics, and more. 

Adobe Stock images accessible in Libraries

Create eye-catching headlines and text

To make your marketing pieces stand out, experiment with an expressive Adobe Font or different text formatting, such as font size and leading (space between lines of text) in the Properties panel in Illustrator. You can also reshape text by adding text to paths using Type On A Path in the Type menu or warping text with an envelope warp. 

Quickly capture and share assets with libraries

Save your assets, like colors, fonts, text formatting, icons, and logos, to a Creative Cloud library so you can organize and access them from all of your Adobe desktop and mobile apps. Share your library with others on your team, so everyone is up to date.

Image of logo being placed in document from Libraries

Take it further with data merge

Using the Variables panel in Illustrator, you can easily create multiple variations of your artwork by merging a data source with an Illustrator document. For example, instead of manually modifying the content in a series of ads, use the data merge functionality to produce hundreds of template variations for different output surfaces quickly and accurately. 

Four versions of an ad

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