Explore different ways to wrap text around and within objects to create a magazine layout.

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What you learned: Apply different types of text wrap to content

Apply text wrap

  • Select the object that you want the text to wrap around and apply a text wrap option in the Properties panel.

The Wrap Around Bounding Box option allows the text to wrap around the content frame. The Wrap Around Object Shape option allows the text to wrap around the shape of the object within the frame (in the case of an image).

Edit the Offset value

  • With text wrap applied, in the Properties panel you can change how far the text will appear from the text wrap boundary. This distance is called the Offset value.

Tip: By default, a positive value increases the distance and a negative value decreases the distance.

Set up the image boundaries for the wrap

In order to wrap the text within the bounds of an image and make part of the image transparent, you can split the image in half and apply text wrap to one part.

  • With the image selected, drag a bounding point to hide half of the image.
  • Choose Edit > Copy, then Edit > Paste In Place to place a copy on top.
  • Drag the opposite bounding point to show the other half of the image, then drag the original bounding point to hide the opposite half of the image.

Arrange the image

  • So you can see the text, arrange the half of the image to which you will apply the text wrap behind the text by clicking the Arrange button in the Properties panel. Choose Send Backward—do this a few times until the image is behind the text.

Wrap the text within the bounds of the image

  • To wrap the text within the bounds of an image with a transparent background, click Wrap Around Object Shape to apply text wrap.
  • To see more text wrap options, open the Text Wrap panel by choosing Window > Text Wrap.
  • Choose a Contour option from the Text Wrap panel so the text wrap boundary follows the edges of the image. Detect Edges is usually a good option to start with, since it automatically detects the edges of the image for you.
  • Ensure that Invert is selected so the text is not pushed away from the image, but rather is contained within the image boundary.

Set the Offset value

  • To pull the text in further away from the image edge or allow it to go beyond the image edge, change the Offset value in the Text Wrap panel or Properties panel.

Tip: Because Invert is selected, a negative value increases the distance between the text and the wrap boundary; a positive value decreases the distance.

Make the image transparent

  • With the image selected, change the Opacity to 0 in the Properties panel.

Adobe Stock contributors: Biletskiy Evgeniy, blackday, jakkapan

Designer: Meng He

Presenter: Brian Wood

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