Organize images with albums and automatic content recognition.

Image of a photo tryptich showing a blue window, person on a moped, and a house interior

There are several ways that you can find specific types of photos in Lightroom, including filtering by date, by creating albums, and by using Lightroom’s powerful automatic search.

Find photos based on the date

Lightroom automatically keeps track of your photos by the date they were captured and lets you view photos by the year, month, and day they were taken.

Organize your photos into albums

Albums are the tool you’ll use most to organize your photos in Lightroom. Create albums to organize photos by topic, favorites, or group photos for a particular use. You can even nest albums inside folders for another level of organization. Remember that one photo can be added to multiple albums.

Photo collage with scenes of the American southwest

Locate photos based on flags and ratings

Deciding which photos are “good” is a basic task we do when we review our images. Assigning a quality designation by adding flags or star ratings to your photos in Lightroom allows you to search for and quickly find your very best images.

Photo collage showing star ratings of multiple images

Search for photos based on image content

Lightroom can automatically find photos based on their content. Without having to add keywords manually, you can search your photo archive using subject matter terms, such as “horse” or “mountain”. However, you still have the flexibility to add and search for your own keywords if you find that works best for your workflow. You can also search by location and a variety of other camera metadata.

A multiple photo grid with images of horses and horse statues

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