Easily remove unwanted objects with retouching tools.

Close up of a camel face with distracting spots circled to highlight what will be removed

Removing spots, objects, and even people from a photograph is part of the magic of Photoshop. See what you’re able to create with the power of retouching.

Remove spots and small distractions

Spots from a dirty lens, bits of clutter in a scene, and other small distracting content are a snap to remove. The Spot Healing Brush tool automatically samples content from a nearby area, places it on top of your unwanted content, and blends it with the surroundings. Often that’s all you need to hide small items in a photo.

Replace with content of your choice

If the automatic Spot Healing Brush tool doesn’t give you exactly the result you want, take more control with the Healing Brush tool. It works a lot like the Spot Healing Brush tool except that it lets you choose which source pixels to use as a patch. Click on a source area to sample it. Then just paint over an unwanted small object, and it’s gone.

Side by side images of a mountain landscape with a person walking removed on one side

If you need more coverage than you’re getting from either of the healing brush tools, try the Clone Stamp tool. This tool copies and pastes content from one place to another without blending—as if you were painting with replacement content. Another fun use for the Clone Stamp tool is to duplicate content. Try painting with it to add a copy of an object to a photo.

Side by side images of a crosswalk with people, one side shows a person removed from the scene

Hide a person or large object

When you want to remove a person or a large item from a photo, head for the Content Aware workspace. This workspace has everything you need to hide large areas of an image, including a live preview of the results and lots of options to give you control.

Another way to remove a large object is with the Patch tool. With this tool, you simply select an area to use as a patch and drag it over what you want to hide.

Side by side images of two horses sparring, one side shows another horse removed from the background

Remember that you can always use more than one retouching tool. For example, after using Content-Aware Fill, you might brush over the retouched area with the Healing Brush tool or Clone Stamp tool to clean up the texture. A little extra retouching work can get you just the result you want.

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