Create eye-catching animated graphics and titles to connect with your audience.
A dramatic landscape image of a shoreline with the title graphic “Iceland, Spring 2019"

How do you use titles and graphics?

When you want to share information with your audience and hold their attention, graphics and titles can be the most effective way to do it. Perhaps you’re announcing a new channel, or describing a location for a travel-themed vlog. Including text information onscreen and adding movement with animated graphics can be an engaging way to inform your audience.

Graphics can help your audience understand complex ideas. There are several ways to use them:

  • Lower thirds are often used to introduce a speaker’s name and role. They can also be used to introduce the names of locations, products, and events.
  • Titles can confirm specific details that you share on camera. They can add detail, and direct attention to further information.
  • Animated graphics add visual interest and keep your audience engaged. A familiar opening animation helps your audience recognize your content.

Create dynamic graphic designs

In the Adobe Premiere Pro Essential Graphics panel, you’ll find lots of prebuilt motion graphics templates that you can adjust for your project and brand. Motion graphics templates can include graphics, text, and preset animation.

Side-by-side images of an Icelandic horse, one with placeholder copy in a lower-third motion-graphics template, and the other with the title “Icelandic Horse, Thorsmork” in the same template

The Essential Graphics panel offers a complete set of graphic — and title — creation tools. You can even create your own personalized motion graphics with animation and multiple layers.

Work your fonts

The font you choose when designing a title can have an enormous impact on the mood it conveys. Adobe Creative Cloud includes thousands of font options to choose from. You can access them in the Essential Graphics panel while creating or editing your graphics.

Five copies of an Icelandic landscape image, each with the title graphic “Vacation” in a different font

Add graphics to libraries to use them again

Creative Cloud Libraries can store graphics that sync automatically wherever you log in with your Creative Cloud account. You can create and browse libraries in the Essential Graphics panel. You might create a library for the graphics you’ll use on a particular channel so you have a one-stop shop with the right designs to use for your next piece of content.

Titles and graphics in Premiere Pro

Premiere Pro has comprehensive graphic-creation tools. You can adapt a template or make new designs using the text and shape tools in the Essential Graphics panel. Start with a template and explore the settings used to create it — this is a great way to learn how to create your own advanced motion graphics.

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