Use the Lumetri Color panel Adjustments controls to add vibrant color to your shots while protecting natural skin tones, or sharpen the image and flatten the colors to subtly change the appearance of your footage.

What you learned: Applying natural color adjustments

Creative adjustments can add visual interest to footage.

Access the Creative Adjustments controls

  • The Adjustments controls are in the Creative section of the Lumetri Color panel.

Add a simple film effect

  • Use the Fade Film control to reduce contrast in the shadows and highlights while maintaining the midtones.

Sharpen footage

  • Sharpen footage to add clarity to detailed areas of an image like architecture and complex patterns.

Add natural-looking color saturation

  • Adjust the Saturation to increase or decrease overall color saturation, or adjust the Vibrance to increase or decrease color saturation while protecting skin tones.

Adjust shadows and highlights separately

  • Use the Shadow Tint and Highlight Tint color wheels to adjust colors in the darker or lighter areas of a shot.
  • Use the Tint Balance control to set the areas of the image each color wheel will adjust.

Tip: Use the Lumetri Color Basic Correction controls to achieve the right contrast range and natural-looking colors. Then use the Creative Adjustments controls to bring the footage to life.


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