Discover the special options available when you import multi-layered Photoshop PSD files.

What you learned: Multi-layered Photoshop file import options

You can import a multi-layered Photoshop PSD file like any other file. Premiere Pro automatically detects the file type and displays additional import options.

The Import Layered File dialog box

  • The Import Layered File dialog box appears automatically. Choose the layers you want to import, and how they will be imported in this dialog box.

Choose Merge All Layers

  • Choose Merge All Layers to import multi-layered files as a combined single layer, with all layers editable in Photoshop.

Choose selected Layers

  • Choose just the layers you want to import as separate clips.

Choose footage dimensions

  • Choose whether each layer clip will have its own dimensions, or the dimensions of the original Photoshop document, maintaining relative positions.

Import as a sequence

  • Import selected layers as separate clips that are automatically combined in a sequence, where you can edit the timing and position of each clip on its own track.

Tip: If in doubt, use extra empty layers in the original Photoshop document that can be incorporated into your Premiere Pro sequence as blank clips. You can add new contents to the file in Photoshop later if you need to.


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