Search, download, and license royalty-free Motion Graphics templates from Adobe Stock for use in Adobe Premiere Pro. Adobe Stock offers thousands of professionally designed titles, lower thirds, transitions, and graphics. Use the Essential Graphics panel to search for a template, add it to your project, and customize it to suit your needs.

Search for a Motion Graphics template 

Switch to the Graphics workspace in Premiere Pro (Window > Workspaces > Graphics) to find the Essential Graphics panel. In the Browse view, click the Adobe Stock tab and enter a search term that describes what you want, such as Lower Thirds.

Browse through the available Motion Graphics templates. You can filter the results for Free or Premium. Click the info button to view details about the template, such as duration, file size, fonts, keywords, and more. Hover-scrub over the thumbnail to preview any animation that may appear in the template.

License, download, and use a template

Back in the Browse view, you can license the Motion Graphics template by dragging its thumbnail directly into your sequence or by clicking the License and Download icon.

For premium Motion Graphics templates, you’ll be asked to confirm your purchase. Click OK in the dialog box to license and save it to your Local Templates folder. Free templates will be licensed and saved to your Local Templates folder automatically. Previously licensed templates appear with a check mark.

To copy a licensed template into one of your Adobe Creative Cloud Libraries, click the My Templates tab, locate the template you just licensed, right-click its thumbnail, choose Copy to Library, and then select the library.

Customize the motion graphic

You can adjust various parameters of a Motion Graphics template — depending on how it was built — to make it work in your sequence to your liking.

With the Motion Graphics template selected in your sequence, go to the Graphics workspace. The Edit tab of the Essential Graphics panel will display various parameters you can change, such as text, color, scale, and other properties so that you can customize the overall look of the motion graphic.

Note: Some Motion Graphics templates let you switch between different animation styles. Experiment with the controls as you customize your graphic.

Render and view the motion graphic

Although rendering a Motion Graphics template is not necessary to view it, you may improve playback performance by rendering graphics that feature complex animations. While the graphic is still selected in your sequence, select Sequence > Render Selection from the main menu. After rendering is complete, you can watch the results in the Program Monitor.

Footage: Bryan Rawles, “The Seam Between”

For more information about customizing Motion Graphics templates, see Using Motion Graphics templates in Premiere Pro.

Search for Motion Graphics templates at Adobe Stock.


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