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The following tables describes all the formats supported by AEM Assets as well as features supported for each format.


Using Adobe's Extensible Metadata Platform (XMP) allows AEM Assets to integrate out of the box with other standards-compliant digital asset management solutions and desktop software.

The following legend describes the level of support AEM Assets offers for a feature: 

Support Level Description
x Supported
* Supported with add-on features
- Not applicable

Supported Raster Image Formats

Asset Management Features Dynamic Media Features
  Storage Metadata management Metadata extraction Thumbnail generation Interactive editing Metadata writeback Upload (Input format) Create image preset (Output format) Preview dynamic rendition Deliver dynamic rendition Download dynamic rendition
PNG x x x x x x x x x x x
GIF x x x x x   x x x x x
TIFF x x x x   x x x x x x
JPEG x x x x x x x x x x x
BMP x x x x x   x        
PNM x x                  
PGM x x                  
PBM x x                  
PPM x x                  
PSD* x x x x     x        
EPS x x x x   x x x x x x
PICT             x        


Please note the following:

  • Support for EPS files applies to raster images only. For example, thumbnail generation for EPS vector images is not supported by default. To add supported you need to configure ImageMagickFor information about integrating third-party tools to enable additional capabilities, see Command Line Base Media Handler.
  • Metadata writeback works for PSB format when it is added to the NComm handler.
  • * The merged image is extracted out of the PSD. This is an image generated by Photoshop and included in the PSD. Depending on the settings in Photoshop this merged image may or may not be the actual image.
  • To use Dynamic Media to preview and generate dynamic renditions for EPS files, see Adobe Illustrator (AI), Postscript (EPS), and PDF file formats.
  • For EPS files, metadata writeback is supported only if the version of PostScript Document Structuring Convention (PS-Adobe) is greater than 3.0.

Supported PDF Rasterizer library

The Adobe PDF Rasterizer library generates high-quality thumbnails and previews for large and content-intensive Adobe Illustrator and PDF files. Adobe recommends using the PDF Rasterizer library for the following:

  • Heavy, content intensive AI/PDF files
  • AI/PDF files with thumbnails not generated out of the box
  • AI files with Pantone Matching System (PMS) colors

For details, see Using PDF Rasterizer.

Supported image transcoding library

The Adobe Imaging Transcoding library is an image processing solution that performs core image-handling functions, including image encoding, transcoding, resampling, resizing, and so on.

Imaging Transcoding library supports the following MIME types:

  • PNG (8 and 16 Bit)
  • GIF
  • BMP
  • TIFF/Compressed TIFF (apart from 32 Bit Tiffs and PTiffs)
  • ICO
  • ICN

For details, see Imaging Transcoding Library.

Supported Camera Raw

The Adobe Camera Raw library enables AEM Assets to ingest raw images. For details, see Camera Raw Support.

Supported Document Formats

Asset Management Features Dynamic Media Features
  Storage Metadata management Fulltext extraction Metadata extraction Thumbnail generation Sub-asset extraction Metadata writeback Upload (Input format) Create image preset (Output format) Preview dynamic rendition Deliver dynamic rendition Download dynamic rendition
AI x x   x x x x x        
DOC x x x x                
DOCX x x x x                
ODT x x x                  
PDF x x x x x x x x x x x x
HTML x x x                  
RTF x x x                  
TXT x x x                  
XLS x x x                  
XLSX x x x x                
ODS x x x                  
PPT x x x x x
PPTX x x x x x x            
ODP x x x                  
INDD x x   x x x x x        
PS x x                    
QXP x x                    
EPUB x x   x x              


Supported Multimedia Formats

  Storage Metadata management Metadata extraction Thumbnail generation FFMPEG transcoding
AAC x x   - *
MIDI x x   - *
3GP x x   - *
MP3 x x x - *
MPG x x   - *
OGA x x   - *
OGG x x   - *
RA x x   - *
WAV x x   - *
WMA x x   - *
DVI x x   * *
FLV x x   * *
M4V x x   * *
MPEG x x   * *
OGV x x   * *
MOV x x   * *
WMV x x   * *
SWF x x      

Supported Input Video Formats for Dynamic Media Transcoding

Video file  extension Container Recommended video codecs Unsupported video codecs
.mp4 MPEG-4 H264/AVC (all profiles)  
.mov .qt Apple QuickTime   H264/AVC, Apple ProRes422 & HQ, Sony XDCAM, Sony DVCAM, HDV, Panasonic DVCPro, Apple DV (DV25), Apple PhotoJPEG, Sorenson, Avid DNxHD, Avid AVR Apple Intermediate, Apple Animation
.flv .f4v Adobe Flash H264/AVC, Flix VP6, H263, Sorenson SWF (vector animation files)
.wmv Windows Media 9 WMV3 (v9), WMV2 (v8), WMV1 (v7), GoToMeeting (G2M2, G2M3, G2M4) Microsoft Screen (MSS2), Microsoft Photo Story (WVP2)
.mpg .vob .m2v .mp2 MPEG-2  MPEG-2  
.m4v Apple iTunes H264/AVC  
.avi A/V Interleave XVID, DIVX, HDV, MiniDV (DV25), Techsmith Camtasia, Huffyuv, Fraps, Panasonic DVCPro Indeo3 (IV30), MJPEG, Microsoft Video 1 (MS-CRAM)
.webm WebM Google VP8  
.ogv .ogg Ogg Theora, VP3, Dirac  
.mxf MXF Sony XDCAM, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, Panasonic DVCPro  
.mts AVCHD H264/AVC  
.mkv Matroska H264/AVC  
.r3d .rm Red Raw Video MJPEG 2000  
.ram .rm RealVideo **UNSUPPORTED** Real G2 (RV20), Real 8 (RV30), Real 10 (RV40)
.flac Native Flac Free Lossless Audio Codec  
.mj2 Motion JPEG2000 Motion JPEG 2000 Codec  

Supported Archive Formats

  Storage Versioning Workflow Publishing Access Control Dynamic Media Delivery
TGZ x x x
x x  
JAR x x x
x x  
RAR x x x
x x  
TAR x x x
x x  
ZIP* x x x
x x x

* The ZIP archives created using Deflate64 algorithm have limited support in AEM. Archive and unarchive operations are not supported. However, operations like uploading, browsing, and downloading are supported.

Other Supported Formats

  Storage Versioning Workflow Publishing Access Control Dynamic Media Delivery
* x x x
SVG x x x x x
CSS x x x x x x
VTT x x x x x x
XML x x x x x x
Javascript (when configured with own delivery domain)           x


Asterisk (*) means all other formats are supported in DAM for storage, versioning, ACL, workflow, publishing, and metadata management.

Supported Mime Types

Mime types are available in CRXDE Lite at the following path:


See Configuring mime type-based for upload job parameters support.

See also Enabling MIME type-based Assets/Scene7 upload job parameter support.


EPS files have the following five standard MIME type/Internet media types:

  • application/postscript
  • image_x-eps
  • application-eps
  • application_x-eps
  • image_eps

However, because AEM only detects mime type based on the file extension, all of the mime types are detected as application/postscript.

File extension MIME type/Internet media type Mimetype Node Name in JCR Default jobParam value Allowed jobParam value
Image image/s7asset   usmAmount=1.75&usmRadius=0.2&usmThreshold=2&usmMonochrome=0

The default jobParam applies to all image mime type assets.

3G2 video/3gpp2    
3GP video/3gpp    
AAC audio/x-aac audio_x-aac    
AFM application/x-font-type1 application_x-font-type1    
AI application/postscript application_postscript aiprocess=Rasterize&airesolution=150&aicolorspace=Auto&aialpha=false
AIFF audio/x-aiff audio_x-aiff  
AVI video/x-msvideo      
BMP image/bmp      
CSS text/css      
DOC application/msword application_msword    
EPS application/postscript application_postscript    
F4V video/x-f4v    
FLA application/x-shockwave-flash application_x-shockwave-flash    
FLV video/x-flv    
FPX image/vnd.fpx      
GIF image/gif      
ICC application/vnd.iccprofile application_vnd.iccprofile    




INDD application/x-indesign application_x-indesign inddprocess=None  
JPEG image/jpeg      
JPG image/jpeg      
M2V video/mpeg    
MOV video/quicktime    
MP3 audio/mpeg audio_mpeg    
MP4 video/mp4    
MPEG video/mpeg    
MPG video/mpeg    
MTS model/vnd.mts model_vnd.mts    
OGV video/ogg    
OTF application/x-font-otf application_x-font-otf    
PDF application/pdf   pdfprocess=Rasterize&resolution=150&colorspace=Auto&pdfbrochure=true&keywords=true&links=true
PFB application/x-font-type1 application_x-font-type1    
PFM application/x-font-type1 application_x-font-type1    
PICT image/x-pict      
PNG image/png      
PPT application/vnd.ms-powerpoint application_vnd.ms-powerpoint    
PS application/postscript application_postscript psprocess=Rasterize&psresolution=150&pscolorspace=Auto&psalpha=false&psextractsearchwords=true
PSD image/vnd.adobe.photoshop image_vnd.adobe.photoshop process=MaintainLayers&layerNaming=Layername&anchor=Center&createTemplate=true&extractText=true&extendLayers=false
RTF application/rtf application_rtf    
SVG image/svg+xml      
SWF application/x-shockwave-flash application_x-shockwave-flash    
TAR application/x-tar      
TIF image/tiff      
TIFF image/tiff      
TTC application/x-font-ttf application_x-font-ttf    
TTF application/x-font-ttf application_x-font-ttf    
VOB video/dvd    
VTT text/vtt      
WAV audio/x-wav audio_x-wav    
WEBM video/webm    
WMA audio/x-ms-wma audio_x-ms-wma    
WMV video/x-ms-wmv    
XML application/xml application_xml    
XLS application/vnd.ms-excel application_vnd.ms-excel    
ZIP application/zip