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About Badges

The Communities Badges console provides the ability to add custom badges which can be displayed for a member when earned (awarded) or when they take on a specific role in the community (assigned).

Badge Visibility

Currently, badges a community member earns or is assigned will appear along with their name and avatar in the following locations :

In the author environment, to reach the Badges console

  • from global navigation : Tools, Communities, Badges

This console displays the badges currently available and from which new badges can be added.


Create Badge

A badge is created by uploading a suitably small image (72dpi with a height ranging from 26-32 pixels) and providing a name.  The badge image is stored in the repository at /etc/community/badging/images and is automatically replicated to the publish environment.

If the publish environment is a farm of publishers, it is necessary to configure user sync.

  • Upload Image
    (required) A badge image with a recommended size of 32 x 32 pixels at 72dpi in either the JPEG or PNG format.
  • Name
    (required) The badge name. It is the default Display Name as well as the repository node name. If the Name is not a valid repository node name, it will be modified.
  • Display Name
    (optional) The name to display for the badge in the UI. Default is the unaltered text entered for the Name.
  • Description
    (optional) A description for the badge.

Additional Information

For details on setting up scoring and badging rules, see Scoring and Badges.

For managing badges for members, see Members Console.

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