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See the following for AEM Sites 6.5 enhancements in detail:

Component & Template Development

  • Maven Project Archetype 18+ for new projects, see Github for release notes.
  • Single-page App Maven Project Archetype 1.0.6+ for new projects, see Github for release notes.
  • HTL version 1.4, see Github for release notes.
    • “in” operator for strings, arrays and objects:
      ${'a' in 'abc’}
      ${100 in myArray}
      ${'a' in myObject}
    • Variable declarations with data-sly-set :
      <sly data-sly-set.title="${currentPage.title}"/>${title}
    • List and repeat control parameters: begin, step, end:
      <h2 data-sly-repeat="${currentPage.listChildren @ begin = 1, step=2}">${item.title}</h2>
    • Identifiers for data-sly-unwrap:
      <div data-sly-unwrap.isUnwrapped="${myCondition || myOtherCondition}">
          text <span data-sly-test="${isUnwrapped}>is unwrapped</span>
    • Support for negative numbers
  • Core Components 2.3.2+, see Github for release notes.
  • Grid System for Layout Container, see Github.
  • Clientlib Manager: made Google Closure Compiler default to minification of JavaScript clientlibs (old default was Yahoo YUI) and updated Google Closure Compiler to version v20190121
  • Template Editor and Policies
    • Create and edit templates for single-page apps that are using the JS SDK (also called SPA Editor) 
  • Reference Site We.Retail 4.0, see Github for release notes.
  • Toolkit to upgrade existing sites to leverage the latest editor capabilities, see Github repo

Let op:

AEM includes version 1.12.4 of the jQuery library to provide maximum compatibility with existing custom code. Modifications have been done by Adobe to address known security issues.

Site Administration

  • The Reference rail has a new section to list internal links that are pointing to the page selected. This is useful when planning to take a page offline or delete - to see what pages need to be adjusted before taking them offline.
  • The list view has a new workflow column that shows the status when the page is currently in a workflow.
  • In the page properties, it's now possible to browse for existing assets when assigning a Thumbnail to the page (Thumbnail tab).

Page Editor

  • Allow in-context editing and composition of single-page app experiences build with React and Angular client-side components that are leveraging the JS SDK (also called SPA Editor)
  • Scaffolding Mode is only shown if the page has a scaffolding page configured.

Content Fragments & Editor

  • New Annotations rail in Content Fragment Editor to make general comments and see comments make within the text (also show up in Timeline rail)
  • Ability to set the default content type of a multiline text element in a content fragment model to simple text, rich text or markdown
  • Add comment/annotations by selecting text in the RTE (full-screen view)
  • Compare versions of a Content Fragment side-by-side via Reference rail
  • The assets Download Report now shows Content Fragments accordingly
  • Add Content Fragment support to Assets HTTP API via /api.json. There are APIs for create, update, read and delete of Content Fragments.

Experience Fragments

  • Improved the indexing of Experience Fragments, so their content is found in search for pages where they are being used
  • The Export to Target option now allows to send the Experience Fragment as JSON (default is HTML), or both


  • Simplify creating Translation Projects by using Project Masters
  • Simplify executing Translation Projects by setting translation jobs to approved status by default 
  • Allow updating translated pages with changes in 3rd-party Translation Memory
  • Allow exporting translation jobs in JSON format
  • Update Microsoft Translation integration to use V3 API 

Multi-Site Management (MSM)

  • For roll-out configs that use PushOnModify, better handling of page move operation to avoid inconsistent state 
  • Creating a new page inside the livecopy structure will now by default create a standalone page
  • Use MSM features in single-page apps that are using the JS SDK (also called SPA Editor) 


Content Targeting & Simulation

  • ContextHub data layer and client-side rules engine JavaScript has been updated to use jQuery 3 by default.

AEM & Adobe Target

Let op:

at.js 2.x is not supported with AEM at the point of the AEM 6.5 release. Please use latest version of at.js 1.x

  • Adobe Target integration is can now use the Target Standard API. Earlier versions of AEM use the Target Classic HTTP API which is now deprecated.
  • Adobe Target mbox.js version 63 is included. Adobe strongly recommends to switch implementation to at.js 1.x.
  • at.js version 1.5.0 now included. Adobe recommends to use Adobe Experience Platform Launch to provision at.js 1.x into the site.

AEM & Adobe Analytics

  • s_code.js H.27.5 is included. Adobe stronlgy recommends to switch implementation to AppMeasurement.js
  • AppMeasurement.js 1.8.0 is included. Adobe recommends to use Adobe Experience Platform Launch to provision AppMeasurement.js into the site.

AEM & Commerce

Improvements to the Commerce Integation Framework are on a faster release cycle since AEM 6.4. Learn more here.

Communities Add-On

Screens Add-On

  • Using Launches to plan future content changes for signage content
  • Metered playback in a sequence channel
  • Auto create project structure using a source file e.g. Excel sheet

For more details on changes to AEM Screens - see the Release Notes in the AEM Screens User Guide.

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