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How can I receive a list of assets? Is it possible to send manifest file to multiple locations?


Firstly, set up an account on a FTP. The account needs to have RWD permissions. Connection can be made using ftp or sftp. Typically ports 21 and 22 are used for this, though we can accept other ports too.

Make sure this server is a different server than your upload FTP server, to prevent a possible issue where SPS performs a server directory upload importing the manifest file and removing it from the system.

Then open a Tech Support ticket requesting the final configuration.

S7 Tech Support can configure this as a manifest publish server for your company. Therefore, when you run a publish, the manifest files are sent to the FTP server that can process on your end.

In addition, you will likely want to consider developing a scripted implementation to process the manifest file after delivery.


There's no way to specify to publish to a specific sub folder on the FTP - all files are dropped at the top level of the ftp account.

The Scene7 Production System (SPS) only sends complete manifest files when you run a full publish. If you run an incremental publish (the default operation when executing a publish in SPS), then only a partial manifest file called the delta manifest is sent (companyDelta.txt). This file contains any additions or changes since the last full publish.

Manifest Generation is a resource intensive process. Please allow adequate time for the publish job to complete, and factor this into your workflow. A full publish requires a full account 're-index' so if you have a million assets, this will reflect in the job speed. Consider a dual approach: Run an incremental publish throughout the day, and have your process consume the delta files. Once per week, run the full publish, consume the full data set and start over.

Send a manifest file to multiple locations

You can send the manifest file to multiple location, but note that with each additional location, the publish process gets slower. The system has to create multiple entries for different location.


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