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Clear the CDN cache from Scene7 Publishing System (SPS)

When I select assets and choose Invalidate CDN, why do I get a blank list?


To clear the cache for an image, log in to SPS and choose File > Invalidate CDN.

When the dialog box appears, paste the full URL strings for the images you want to refresh into the text box. Then, press Submit.

Why do I get a blank list when I select assets and choose Invalidate CDN?

When you select assets, and then select Invalidate CDN, SPS uses an invalidate CDN template to automatically create URLs to invalidate from the Content Delivery Network (CDN). If there is nothing in the Invalidate CDN template, then you get a blank list.

Caching at the CDN is not asset-based, but URL based. Therefore, it is necessary to be aware of the complete URLs that are on your website. Once you determine those URLs, you can add them to the template. Then, you can select those assets, and invalidate the URLs in one step.

The other option is to add complete URLs to the Invalidate CDN list. If you follow this approach, it's unnecessary to select assets in SPS before going to the Invalidate CDN page.

Why do I no longer receive an email report about my invalidation request?

As of May 2014, email notification is no longer sent when cache invalidation is complete. This is due to a change from our CDN provider. Typical processing time for CDN invalidation is eight minutes. If there is a large queue of requests, or a large number of URLs, it can take slightly longer.


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