This document provides information on how to troubleshoot linking and importing errors while importing audio files.

Identify linking and importing errors with audio files

When you try to import audio files like AVCHD (MTS), MP3, and MP4 files in your project using Premiere Pro, you could get an error message that says, "The file has an unsupported compression type." This error is sometimes noticed with other Adobe audio and video products like After Effects and Media Encoder.

Troubleshoot importing errors

  1. When you see an error, "The file has an unsupported compression type', check the Media cache and the Media cache database in Premiere Pro.

  2. Select Edit Menu>Preferences>Media Cache Database on Windows OS or Premiere Pro menu > Preferences > Media Cache Database on Mac OS.  Make a note of this location.

    Clearing media cache
    Clearing media cache

  3. Close Premiere Pro and other Adobe audio & video applications.

  4. Navigate to the Media Cache location specified under Premiere Pro >  Preferences and rename the folders, Media Cache file, and Media Cache.  Select Clean to clean the media cache database folder. 

  5. Launch Premiere Pro and attempt to import your files.

  6. If you still see an issue, change the file directory where the AVCHD files reside and check if the issue gets resolved. For example, if the folder structure is:


    Create another folder, XYZ, and move the contents of the AVCHD folder to XYZ folder.


    Ensure that the folder structure of the MTS files is identical to the original folder.

  7. If the error persists, the issue could be related to activation. 

  8. Check if you are using a trial version of Adobe Premiere Pro. If you are using a trial version, you would experience problems with importing AVCHD and MP4 files as the required .dll files are not installed in the location, C:\Users\Public\Public Documents\AdobeInstalledCodecs. Upgrade to a paid creative cloud membership.

  9. On Windows OS, uninstall Premiere Pro.

  10. Select C:\Users\Public\Public Documents\AdobeInstalledCodecs.

  11. Rename the folder, AdobeInstalledCodecs to another name.

    Renaming the 'AdobeInstalledCodecs' folder on Windows OS
    Renaming the 'AdobeInstalledCodecs' folder on Windows OS

  12. Reinstall Premiere Pro.

  13. Launch Premiere Pro and attempt to import your MTS or MP4 files.

  14. On Mac OS, uninstall Premiere Pro.

  15. Select Mac HD/Users/User Name/Shared and rename the folder, AdobeInstalledCodecs to another name.

    Renaming the 'AdobeInstalledCodecs' folder on Mac OS
    Renaming the 'AdobeInstalledCodecs' folder on Mac OS

  16. Reinstall Premiere Pro.

  17. Launch Premiere Pro and attempt to import your MTS or MP4 files. 

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