Learn how to automatically create videos synced to the beat of your music using Premiere Clip, then share directly or send to Premiere Pro for more refined editing. (Watch, 2 min) And then read the tutorial.

Adobe Premiere Clip makes it easy to create fun, shareable videos from media on your mobile device, Creative Cloud assets folders, or synced Lightroom collections. Create a video synced to the beat of your music — whether from your music library or from a selection of royalty-free tracks. The following steps work across iPhone, iPad, and Android phones.

Note: The screenshots in this tutorial show Premiere Clip on an iPhone. The user interface may vary between iPhone, iPad, and Android phones.

Select videos and images

Launch Premiere Clip and swipe to My Projects. Tap the + sign to start a new project, select the source for your media, choose the videos and photos you’d like to include in your project, and then tap Add.

On the next screen, specify Automatic mode. (Learn more about using Freeform mode.)


Pick a soundtrack

After the project loads, you’re in Soundtrack settings. (You can always go here by tapping the music icon at the bottom left.)

Tap the play button to preview the automatically generated video. Keep the default soundtrack or choose Replace Soundtrack to browse through your playlist or the royalty-free Premiere Clip themes. Tap Add to select it.

Drag the audio waveform left and right to determine the start point of your soundtrack.


Adjust the pacing

Tap the metronome icon (bottom middle) to go into Pace view. Adjust the pace of the transitions from Slower to Faster. Note how the movie duration, in parentheses, changes as you move the slider.


Rearrange your clips

Tap the clips icon (bottom right) to enter Sequence view, where you can rearrange the order of media in your project. (Videos have a movie-camera icon; photos do not.)

Press and hold a clip to drag it elsewhere in the sequence. Delete a selected clip by tapping the x in the upper right corner followed by the Delete icon.

Press Done to leave Sequence view.


Import from synced Lightroom collections

Enter Sequence view, tap the + icon, and select Lightroom to choose media from your synced Lightroom collections. Find the image you want, tap it, and then press the Open button to bring the image into your project. Press Done to leave Sequence view.


Refine and share your video

Tap the Filmstrip icon to convert your project to the Freeform Editor, where you can make more nuanced edits — such as additional trimming, adding a Look, or making lighting adjustments — directly in Premiere Clip. To learn more about freeform editing in Premiere Clip, check out Create and edit video on the go.

If you want even more refinement, tap the Share icon and select Edit in Premiere Pro. Tap OK after the project is sent to your Creative Cloud Files. To learn more about taking your project to Premiere Pro, check out Refine a Premiere Clip video in Premiere Pro. In Premiere Pro you can make more robust edits, including color correction, clip-specific transitions, improve audio levels, and much more.


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