Learn the streamlined workflow for bringing your mobile video from Premiere Clip into Premiere Pro for further refinement.

1. Share a project with Premiere Pro

To refine your Premiere Clip project in Premiere Pro, tap the share button in Premiere Clip to open the menu and then tap Send to Premiere Pro. (Before you tap the share button, be sure that the progress indicator in the upper left has completed syncing the project with your Creative Cloud account.)

Note: The screenshots in this tutorial show Premiere Clip on an iPad. The user interface may vary between iPhone, iPad, and Android phones.

Share a project with Premiere Pro

2. Confirm your project is sent

Tap OK to confirm that Premiere Clip synced all your project’s media to your Creative Cloud account.

Confirm your project is sent

3. Convert your Premiere Clip project

Launch Premiere Pro. From the main menu, choose File > Convert Premiere Clip Project. Navigate to your Creative Cloud Files folder and then to the AdobePremiereClipExport folder inside it.

Make sure you have File Syncing turned on in your Creative Cloud desktop app (click the gear icon to check its status) so that Premiere Pro will be able to locate your Premiere Clip project files.

Convert your Premiere Clip project

4. Open the project’s XML file

All the information about edits, transitions, color effects, and audio in your Premiere Clip project are stored in its XML file located in your Creative Cloud storage.

Navigate to the XML file for your project and click Open.

Open the project’s XML file

5. Refine your project further

Your Clip project’s media will appear in the Project panel and its sequence will appear in the timeline.

Now you can continue to edit your masterpiece: apply clip-specific transitions or color corrections, alter the clip speed, use the Warp Stabilizer effect to smooth out hand-held shots, finesse audio levels, and more.

Refine your project further
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