Learn how to access and edit PDF files you have stored in Dropbox.

Add your Dropbox account from Acrobat DC

When you have important documents stored in Dropbox, you can use Acrobat DC to access and work with the files directly.

From the home screen of Acrobat, select Add Account from the list on the left, then click the Add button under Dropbox from the right column.

You can add more than one Dropbox account.


Sign in to your Dropbox account

Enter your Dropbox credentials and then click Sign in.


Give Adobe Acrobat access to your dropbox files

Choose the Dropbox account that you want Acrobat DC to link to.  


Select the PDF file you want to open

You will see your Dropbox account available in the Storage list. Simply double click a file name to open and edit the document in Acrobat DC.

When you are done editing and save your changes, Acrobat DC will save the file to the same Dropbox folder. 


Access your Dropbox files on your iOS device

You can also access your Dropbox files on your iOS device through the Adobe Acrobat Reader DC mobile app. In your Documents view, tap the file storage header at the top. Tap Dropbox to access your files, or tap Add if you need to connect your account.


Contributor: Wren Sauer

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