Definition of reports

  • Referrer report: Displays all previous URLs linked to your site that do not match internal URL filters.
  • Referring Domain report: Similar to the Referrer report, it combines all referring URLs to just their root domains.
  • Original Referring Domain report: Success metrics get credit for the first referring domain a visitor entered your site on, regardless of subsequent referring domains.

Comparison of reports

  • Referrer report and Referring Domain report: If all similar domains in a referrer report were combined, it would match the referring domain report. Though these two reports report the same data, they are organized differently.
  • Referring Domain and Original Referring Domain report: Comparing these two reports don't yield accurate results. A user's original referring domain doesn't always match the more recent referring domain that contributed to a success event. For example:
    1. A visitor comes to your site through, browses your products, then leaves.
    2. That same person comes back several days later via and makes a purchase.
The Referring Domains report would attribute an order to while the Original Referring Domains report would attribute an order to

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