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Use your Adobe ID to access all the Experience Cloud solutions to which you are provisioned. Navigate to the Adobe Experience Cloud at <yourcompany> Then sign in using your Adobe ID and password. If you do not have access, contact your system administrator.

Common questions

What's the best way to set up Audience Manager?

We recommend that you take advantage of consulting services or contact Customer Care to set up Audience Manager.

How does setup guidance change if I have access to Analytics?

If you have access to Adobe Analytics, we recommend that you implement Server-Side Forwarding.

If you don’t use Adobe Analytics, you’ll want to set up DIL code on your properties. You can implement DIL through an extension in Launch (see Adobe Audience Manager Extension) or Adobe DTM (see Adobe Audience Manager Tool.) See DIL Use Cases and Code Samples.

Where can I get information about the latest release?

Our release notes provide information about the latest release of Adobe Experience Cloud.

What other onboarding tasks should I consider?

How do I know I am qualifying for an Audience Manager Trait or Segments?

Where can I learn more about audience partnerships?

See the following resources: