What is the Adobe Marketplace?

Audience Manager provides multiple ways of enabling your account to interact with the data provided by our partners.  The easiest and recommended way to do so is through the Audience Manager Marketplace.  The Marketplace lets you subscribe to data feeds that are offered by our various partners, allowing you to enhance your own data sets with additional data values.  If you are registered as a Data Provider in the Adobe system, you can also be enabled to share and sell your own data with other companies via the Marketplace.  For more information, please see our documentation or discuss the Marketplace with your Adobe Account Manager or Consultant.

For a list of available data connections please see our exchange list.  If a partner that you would like to work with is not listed on the exchange, please email DL-AAMBusDev@adobe.com.


If you are an Adobe Partner and are having problems with an existing integration, or if changes need to be made to how an integration is set up, please contact aemc-support@adobe.com.

Note: Only those registered as an Adobe Partner can use the aemc-support@adobe.com email.  If you would like to become an Adobe Partner, please talk with your Adobe Account Manager.