Editing email styles

Editing an element

In the Email Designer, when selecting an element, several options specific to the type of content selected are displayed in the Settings pane. You can use these options to easily change the style of your email.

Selecting an element

To select an element in the Email Designer interface, you can either:

  • click directly in the email,

  • or browse the structure tree available from the options located in the left Palette.


Browsing the structure tree enables you to make a more accurate selection. You can select either:

  • the whole structure component,

  • one of the columns that compose the structure component,

  • or only a component that is located inside a column.


To select a column, you can also do the following:

  1. Select a structure component (directly in the email or using the structure tree available from the left Palette).

  2. From the contextual toolbar, click Select a column to choose the desired column.

See an example in this section.

Adjusting style settings

  1. Select an element in your email. For more on this, see Selecting an element.

  2. Adjust the settings according to your needs. Each selected element offers a different set of settings.

    You can insert backgrounds, change sizes, modify horizontal or vertical alignment, manage colors, add padding or margin, and so on.

    To do this, use the options displayed in the Settings pane or add inline styling attributes.

  3. Save your content.

About padding and margin

The Email Designer interface allows you to quickly adjust padding and margin settings.

Padding : this setting enables you to manage the space that is located inside an element's border.


Margin : this setting enables you to manage the space between the element's border and the next element.



Before adjusting Padding and Margin , make sure that you select the relevant element (structure component, column or content component) that you want to act upon. Depending on your selection, the result will not be the same.

For both Padding and Margin , click the lock icon to break synchronization between top and bottom or right and left parameters. This enables you to adjust each parameter separately.


Example: adjusting vertical alignment and padding

You want to adjust padding and vertical alignment inside a structure component composed of three columns. To do this, follow the steps below:

  1. Select the structure component directly in the email or using the structure tree available from the left Palette.

  2. From the contextual toolbar, click Select a column and choose the one that you want to edit. You can also select it from the structure tree.


    The editable parameters for that column are displayed in the Settings pane on the right.

  3. Under Vertical alignment , select Up .


    The content component displays on top of the column.

  4. Under Padding , define the top padding inside the column. Click the lock icon to break synchronization with the bottom padding.

    Define the left and right padding for that column.

  5. Proceed similarly to adjust the other columns' alignment and padding.

  6. Save your changes.

Adding inline styling attributes

In the Email Designer interface, when you select an element and display its settings on the side panel, you can customize the inline attributes and their value for that specific element.

  1. Select an element in your content.

  2. On the side panel, look for the Styles Inline settings.

  3. Modify the values of the existing attributes, or add new ones using the + button. You can add any attribute and value that is CSS-compliant.

The styling is then applied to the selected element. If the child elements do not have specific styling attributes defined, the styling of the parent element is inherited.

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