Generate a HAR file

Read on to know how to generate HAR files on Google Chrome.

To generate a HAR file, follow these steps:

  1. Open a Google Chrome window and open a new tab.

  2. Open developer tools for the page, right-click > Inspect.

  3. Open the Network tab. Ensure that the red record button is active. Enable the Preserve Log checkbox.

    Network tab
    Network tab

  4. Login to Captivate Prime using your credentials and take the course. Do all the operations which will result in the issue.

  5. In developer tools, right click and select Save All as HAR with Content.


    In some versions of Google Chrome, you might have to select Copy > Copy all as HAR.

    Copy HAR
    Copy HAR

  6. Paste the copied content in a notepad file. Save it to Desktop as logs.har and email it to Adobe.


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