Where can I download my older Adobe app?

Find answers to common questions about downloading and installing older apps.

Where can I download my apps?

You can download the two most recent app versions from the list of available Adobe apps. (Acrobat is an exception: We provide only the current versions to ensure that you have the latest security updates.) If you don't see an app on the list, it is not available for download. 

Enterprise and teams customers: See your administrator for assistance. Learn how to contact your administrator for Adobe products.

Why can’t I download an older app?

Our latest app versions give you the best performance and security. We frequently update our apps with new features, critical bug fixes, and security updates.

Can I get help with my app?

We provide support for these apps. They include our current apps and the previous major version of each.

Why is my serial number invalid or revoked?

We block serial numbers we didn’t issue or that are fraudulent. Learn more.

Does my older app work with my new operating system?

Our older apps have not been tested for use with recent versions of operating systems and the results may be unpredictable. For the best performance and security, we strongly recommend that you upgrade to the latest version of your Adobe app.


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