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With AEM Forms on mobile devices, customers can fill and submit forms on the go. There are two mobile app solutions that you can use to let your customers fill data on mobile apps. 

  • Adaptive forms and documents in AEM Mobile: AEM Mobile lets you create content-rich and utility-based mobile applications. You can include an adaptive form or document in the mobile app you create using AEM to capture information from your customers. 
  • AEM Forms app: AEM Forms ships with AEM Forms app. AEM Forms app syncs with AEM Forms server and fetches the forms enabled for mobile devices. Users can render forms you create in the AEM Forms server, fill them, save as drafts, and submit them. Supported AEM Forms servers are:
    • AEM Forms server with AEM Forms Workflow (AEM Forms on JEE)
    • AEM Forms server without AEM Forms Workflow (AEM Forms on OSGi)

About adaptive forms and documents in AEM Mobile

AEM provides several tools that enable you to integrate your content into mobile applications. AEM leverages Adobe PhoneGap and Adobe Publishing Solutions, allowing you to create and manage both content-rich and utility-based cross-platform mobile applications. For more information, see:

You can add adaptive forms and documents in AEM Mobile to capture information from users.

For more information, see Adaptive forms and documents in AEM Mobile.

About AEM Forms app (formerly, Mobile Workspace)

AEM Forms app allows field workers to synchronize their mobile devices with an AEM Forms server and work on their forms. The application works seamlessly when the device is offline by saving data locally on the device. Using annotation features, such as scribble and photographs, field workers can provide accurate information to integrate into the business processes and simplify decision making.

For more information, see AEM Forms app