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This page keeps a list of known issues from Adobe Experience Manager 6.3 that was released in April 2017. The list is split into known issues that are resolved via Service Pack or Hotfixs and issues that are still open.

Solution Available

Please check the hotfix list for the most up-to-date Cumulative Fix Pack or contact support.

Following originally called out know issues are resolved:

  • Content Fragment Editor: Opening a content fragment might take longer when it's being referenced in many pages (CQ-4204627)
  • Content Fragment Editor: Deleting a variation might take longer when it's being referenced in many pages (CQ-4204641)
  • Content Fragment Editor: Summarization of content fragment from a MS Word document fails to copy special characters and tags (such as for bullet points and tables). (CQ-4196797)
  • Content Fragment Editor: Deleting a variation takes a longer time if it is referenced in many pages. (CQ-4204641)
  • Content Fragment Editor: Deactivation or deletion of a content fragment does not invalidate the associated references. (CQ-109736)
  • Content Fragment Component: Manually changing content fragment source in dialog might causes an error. (CQ-4204299)
  • Page Editor: Layout/Resize mode - components that are positioned side by side are difficult to resize. (CQ-4201903)
  • Page Editor: Resize offset on smaller breakpoints cannot be removed (CQ-4202669)
  • Page Editor: Component width in resized layout containers is improperly calculated. (CQ-4202670)
  • Template Editor: Left layout resize handle cannot be grabbed when side panel is open. (CQ-104205)
  • Template Editor: The Core Title component in Template Editor cannot be edited inline. (CQ-4201974)
  • Assets UIAsset version preview does not work without renditions generation (CQ-4204986)


Known Issues

Please contact support if you need more information about the known issues.

Hybrid Devices

Hybrid Devices are not supported. Various issues can be encountered when using such devices. However, these procedures will solve most of the issues:

If you are using Chrome as browser:
- Type chrome://flags/ in the address bar and press Enter.
- Click on Enable touch events > Disabled.
- Restart the browser (all tabs and windows).

If you are using Firefox as browser:
- Type about:config in the address bar and press Enter.
- Filter the settings to dom.w3c.
- Make sure that the settings are 0 and false.
- Restart Browser.

If you are using Edge as browser:

- Type about:flags in the address bar and press Enter.
- Scroll down to Experimental features then Touch.
- Click on option called "Enable touch events".
- Select Always Off.
- Restart Browser.



  • Cold Standby: While the OnRC action is present SegmentRevisionGarbageCollection MBean on a Cold Standby instance, using it will result in inconstant repository. There is no need to run OnRC on a Cold Standby instance.(GRANITE-16812)
  • Cold Standby: Cleanup phase on Cold Standby instance after Revision Cleanup on Primary isn't automatically triggered. This is fixed in Oak 1.6.2. Needs manual trigger until then. (GRANITE-10346)
  • Sling: Servlets registered with the HTTP Context cannot get request parameters from POST body (GRANITE-14559)
  • Repository: The message: org.apache.jackrabbit.oak.plugins.blob.MarkSweepGarbageCollector Error occurred while deleting blob with id. might appear in the log in shared datastore setups and can be ingored. (GRANITE-16730)
  • Omnisearch: Searches with backslash cause exception (GRANITE-11769)
  • Operations Dashboard: Progress bar is not shown when backup file is missing .zip extension. (GRANITE-10713)
  • Security-UI: Disabling a user in Omnisearch results has no visual effect (GRANITE-16783)
  • Tooling - CRX DE Lite: Ridge of properties view keeps moving up (GRANITE-12040)
  • Tooling - CRX DE Lite: Cannot save changes to "Long" Value Types unless you double-click on Property Name (GRANITE-12351)
  • Tooling - CRX DE Lite: ctrl+F search on open text files goes stuck on RegExp search (GRANITE-5996)
  • Tooling - CRX DE Lite: Node property not displayed after renaming the node (GRANITE-7160)
  • UI: Text overflow at wizard title is not handled for granite/ui/components/coral/foundation/wizard (GRANITE-16634)
  • UI: Pulldown "more..." doesn't showing all elements when opened at a popover element on IE and Firefox (GRANITE-16326)
  • Omnisearch: Open "View Settings" in list view cause search filter to change (GRANITE-16524)
  • Omnisearch: Wrong list of columnn configs shown when doing Assets search from Sites (GRANITE-16527)


Page Editor

  • After completing the Targeting Wizard, a javascript error might occur. Workaround is to reload the page. (CQ-4201865)

Content Fragment Editor

  • The action to rename a variation might not work when using Apple iPad (CQ-103099)
  • Sync with master doesn't work with plain and mark-down text format (CQ-4206017)
  • Paste from clipboard should remove "unsupported" html tags (CQ-4196795)
  • Synchronization of variation ignores local changes below paragraph level (CQ-4200243)
  • Synchronization between plain text  and master might fail (CQ-4206017)
  • Can't rename variation on Apple iPad (CQ-103099)

Content Fragment Component

  • Decativation of CF might not trigger page the CF is used to be invalidated in Dispacher cache (CQ-4204255)


  • Multi lingual: Review Task for assets located under Japanese language folder doesn't work (CQ-4204782)
  • InDesign format: References extraction fails when processing InDesign assets with duplicate linked assets (CQ-4204186)
  • UI: New tab does not get created in Metadata Schema | Chrome |Touch UI - Hybrid screens (CQ-4201810)
  • UI: Null pointer exception on moving asset from asset properties (CQ-4204251) 
  • UI: Access to subassets might cause error due to  'partially encoded' URLs (GRANITE-16340)
  • Search: Search doesn't work for GB18030 characters in assets browser (CQ-112544)
  • Upload: When uploading assets with special characters in the file name, the validation error message about the unallowed characters is not displayed for each assets. While it is displayed for only the first asset, the interface clearly indicates to the user that the file name of the provided asset are not allowed. (CQ-4256876)

Dynamic Media

  • Video Player: Video scrubber is no longer visible when rotating device to portrait orientation (CQ-4205244)
  • Scene7 Integration: Image template component does not display parameters for editing in Touch UI (CQ-4202643)
  • Scene7 Integration: Using S7 image component with image breakpoints will result in broken UI (CQ-4202443)
  • Dynamic Media: Image presets are not setting the default icc profile for the specified colorspace (RGB & CMYK) (CQ-4200914)
  • Sets: when previewing the set in a viewer, the image displayed is not immediately updated when different assets are selected (CQ-4195337)
  • Sets: Images added to an existing set will not automatically sort by filename (CQ-108513)
  • YouTube Publish: Non-administrator user cannot publish to YouTube if the tag has not been published (CQ-105869)
  • Download: Downloading a dynamic rendition as PDF format will result in a corrupted PDF download file (CQ-105621)
  • Dynamic Media Video: Clicking on video annotation comments from Assets timeline does not display proper video frame (CQ-101206)
  • Dynamic Media: Mixed Media viewer does not display thumbnail swatches for image sets or spin sets (CQ-81763)
  • Dynamic Media: Any changes made to a carousel banner after it has been published will not take effect. Workaround is to publish the  individual slides/banners of the carousel separately (CQ-81763)
  • Dynamic Media: Cannot change the order of images within a video segment (CQ-72644)


  • Social Login: Due to a late change of the Facebook API, the Social Login feature for Facebook is not working properly with AEM 6.3 - please download the latest cumulative fix pack or cumulative feature pack for AEM Communities to address this issue (CQ-4205090)
  • ASRP: Due to a limitation of the ASRP (Adobe Storage Resource Provider), it is not supported to store files larger than 20Mb (as attachments to UGC posts, or files in the File Library community function). The File Library component or Attachment feature should be configured accordingly when ASRP is in use, defining the maximum size for the attachments.
  • When creating a site for enablement, the choices for the Community Enablement Managers group are presented from the publish environment, instead of the author environment (CQ-4207318).  To workaround this, use the security groups console (select Tools, Security, Groupsnot  the Communities Groups console) to manage the members of the group.