How to Set Up Log Rotation for Dispatcher


How to setup log rotation for Dispatcher on Apache 2.2

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Note: You need at least Dispatcher version 4.0.1. Older versions of the dispatcher module for Apache do not support piped logs

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Here is a sample configuration for dispatcher in httpd.conf:

<IfModule disp_apache2.c> 
    # location of the configuration file. eg: 'conf/dispatcher.any'  
    DispatcherConfig conf/dispatcher.any 
    # location of the dispatcher log file. eg: 'logs/dispatcher.log'  
    DispatcherLog '|/usr/local/apache/bin/rotatelogs /var/logs/%Y-%m-%d-dispatcher.log 86400 -240' 
    # log level for the dispatcher log  
    # 0 Errors  
    # 1 Warnings  
    # 2 Infos  
    # 3 Debug  
    DispatcherLogLevel 1  
    # if turned to 1, the dispatcher looks like a normal module  
    DispatcherNoServerHeader 0  
    # if turned to 1, request to / are not handled by the dispatcher  
    # use the mod_alias then for the correct mapping  
    DispatcherDeclineRoot 0  
    # if turned to 1, the dispatcher uses the URL already processed  
    # by handlers preceeding the dispatcher (i.e. mod_rewrite)  
    # instead of the original one passed to the web server.  
    DispatcherUseProcessedURL 0  
</IfModule> ...  

To implement similar functionality with older versions of dispatcher:


Dispatcher > 4.0.1


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