See how to create more complex shapes by combining simpler shapes in Adobe Illustrator CC.

What you learned: How to use the Shape Builder tool and Pathfinder effects to combine shapes in different ways

An effective way to create more complex artwork is to combine simpler artwork in different ways using the Shape Builder tool and Pathfinder effects.

Combine shapes with the Shape Builder tool

  • Select the Shape Builder tool in the Tools panel. The Shape Builder tool lets you combine or remove shapes you select.
  • Drag through shapes to combine them.

Remove shapes with the Shape Builder tool

  • To remove shapes, press the Option key (MacOS) or the Alt key (Windows) and click or drag through the artwork.

Combine shapes with Pathfinder effects

  • Pathfinder effects allow you to combine shapes in more ways than the Shape Builder tool. With multiple shapes selected, you can apply a Pathfinder effect by clicking the effect in the Properties panel.
  • To see more Pathfinder effects, click More Options in the Pathfinder section of the Properties panel.

Presenter: Brian Wood


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