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Last updated: December 12, 2022

What is Audience Manager?

Adobe Audience Manager provides a platform for managing digitally addressable consumer data. The application allows Customer to aggregate various data sources and combine common traits of visitors in order to define high value audience segments that can then be applied to applicable use cases – such as unifying users across all touch points, look-a-like modeling, ad targeting, or content targeting for site-side optimization.

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Adobe Audience Manager


On-demand Service

Product limitations:

The following are the limits for certain features in Adobe Audience Manager:

  • maxTraits = 100000
  • maxRuleBasedTraits = 100000
  • maxOnboardedTraits = 100000
  • maxAlgoTraits = 50
  • maxSegments = 20000
  • maxLookalikeModels = 20
  • maxDestinations = 1000
  • maxPushDestinations = 1000
  • maxS2SDestinations = 100
  • maxAdsDestinations = 1000
  • maxPredictiveAudiencesModels = 10
  • maxPredictiveBasePersonas per Predictive Audience Model = 50

Note: Destination limits listed above are separate from the People-Based Destinations add-on feature destinations limit. Please refer to Sales Order for the People-Based Destinations add-on feature destinations limit.


Activities means the aggregate total of all onsite and offsite interactions with the Audience Manager On-demand Service, including without limitation,

  • Server Calls - any data collection or retrieval event sent to Audience Manager from websites, servers, email, mobile application(s), or other systems;
  • Pixel Calls (formerly known as Impression Server Calls) - data collected from ads (such as impression volume from a Targeting Platform), or email impression calls made to Audience Manager. Requires presence of "d event" in the query string;
  • On-boarded Records - Unique Records ingested from customer relationship management (CRM) systems or offline data file (such as call center records, device IDs, and custom data feeds from external data providers); and
  • Log File Records - Unique Records from log files ingested by the Audience Manager On-demand Service from a Targeting Platform. 

Overusage Cycle means the period in which the monthly License Metric as used by Customer is totaled to determine whether the committed Quantity of the monthly License Metric is fully consumed and whether the Overusage Rate will apply. As an example, for illustrative purposes only, if the Overusage Cycle is annual, and the committed monthly Quantity is 10 M, the committed Quantity of the monthly License Metric will be fully consumed when 120 M of the License Metric is fully consumed, and any consumption above 120 M during the remainder of the Overusage Cycle will incur overages and be billed at the Overusage Rate per Unit of Measure.

Overusage Rate means the Overusage Rate is detailed in the Adobe Products and Services Pricing Detail Table of the applicable Sales Order. Should Customer’s use of the Product and Services exceed its committed Quantity, Customer will incur overusage fees. These fees are billed at the Overusage Rate per Unit of Measure and monthly in arrears as incurred.

Unique Record means each individual record of data in a file stored by Adobe on behalf of the Customer. 


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