Remove camera shake from your video footage using the Warp Stabilizer effect in Adobe Premiere Pro.

Digital ad in stadium shows Asian elephant in forest and text overlay: “Colosso Productions Presents The Eli Faunt Band”

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Stabilizing a shot helps minimize the natural handheld shakiness that can distract from the content in your shot.

Starting in the Effects workspace, drag the Warp Stabilizer effect to your clip in the Timeline panel. Immediately you’ll see a blue bar in the Program Monitor indicating that effect is being analyzed in the background, followed by an orange bar indicating that stabilization is occurring.

Adobe Premiere Pro shows the Warp Stabilizer effect applied to a clip, and Analyzing and Stabilizing progress indicators

Switch to the Editing workspace and review the Warp Stabilizer effect’s settings in the Effect Controls panel (Shift+5). Play the clip. Stabilization is set to Smooth Motion by default. Adjust the Smoothness percentage to achieve the amount of stabilization you want. Try a range of 50%–75% to see what works for you. For a locked-down shot, set Result to No Motion.

Effect Controls panel shows the Warp Stabilizer effect’s Stabilization Result setting (Smooth Motion) and Smoothness (50%)

Adjust the Framing options in the Borders section to better understand how clip stabilization works. By default, magnification is increased automatically to hide the edges of the stabilization effect. Set Framing to Stabilize, Crop to maintain the scale of the image but see a black border around the clip. Stabilize Only reveals the necessary movements of the frame to stabilize the shot.

Effect Controls panel shows the Warp Stabilizer effect’s Framing setting options

Once your shot is satisfactorily stabilized, you can keyframe the Scale and Position settings as you would for any footage to help focus the viewer’s attention or add interest to the scene.

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