Learn how to take videos created in Adobe Premiere Rush CC and edit them in Premiere Pro to harness the power of pro editing functionality.

What you learned: Open your Rush project in Premiere Pro to add more complex edits

  • When you create a project in Premiere Rush CC, the project sync option is enabled by default. Be sure to keep it enabled. If disabled, the project won’t be available to open in Premiere Pro
  • Launch Premiere Pro 2019 or above (older builds are not compatible)
  • In the Start Screen, click Open Premiere Rush Project
  • Select a Rush project from the list to open it
    • Note: If a project isn’t listed, check your Internet connection and verify that the project is enabled for project sync
  • Your new Premiere Pro project opens and is automatically saved in your Documents folder
  • Begin editing your project in Premiere Pro
    • Use Premiere Pro to perform more complex edits, such as time remapping and adjustment layer color grading

Presenter: Kelsey Brannan (aka Premiere Gal)

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