Send an agreement only to yourself


Attempting to create an agreement with yourself (the sender) as the only recipient results in an error message asserting that "You cannot send a document only to yourself to complete."

Generally, users can overcome this limitation and experience the sending and signing process by clicking the Add Me link twice, defining themselves as two sequential signers:

Add yourself to the document twice

Upon sending the agreement, the sender will be prompted to sign the agreement (the first time) within the application.

After applying the first signature, the sender will get an email requesting the second signature.


The second signature can only be applied via the email link.

The agreement cannot be accessed for signature via the Manage page for the second signature.

Placing field for both participants

Fields can be placed for both participants, allowing for the full experience of prefilling fields (as the sender) and filling fields (as the second participant).

Notice that the first recipient is listed with the Sender's name followed by "me."

The second recipient is defined by the email address followed by "Signer."

Field assignment is the same as building a form for any other multi-recipient transaction. Select each recipient in turn and place the fields as needed.

Author the agreement

Once the fields are in place, click Sign, then Send to trigger the signing experience.

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