Let's consider a scenario where it is required to create a A/B test (Test 2) whose test page will be two pages farther into the funnel from another A/B test - Test 1 (Test 1 is on the main landing page.) and Test 2's test page cannot be accessed directly i.e.  Any traffic that visits Test 2's test page can only get to that page if they have first visited Test 1's test page.

We want traffic of both A/B test  remain mutually exclusive from one another for cleaner data. Hence in order to achieve this , It is required :

  1. To either reduce the amount of traffic Test 1 is consuming.If Test 1 consumes all the traffic from its test page there won't be any traffic that hits Test 2's test page that hasn't already been subjected to Test1. So, Test 1's traffic must be reduced in order to let some 'untainted traffic' flow through to Test 2's test page or apply an Audience ( say Visitors From Search Engine, Organic Traffic etc) to Test 1 so that only some % of Visitors visiting the main landing page are exposed to Test1 or if you are Exposing "ALL Visitors"  to the Test1 on landing page ,You can specify the percentage of qualifying visitors to include in the activity. For example, you might choose to include 50% of all visitors.

  2. To expose Test2 to the Traffic which has not been exposed with Test1 i.e.   set a profile on visitors who Enters Test1 on the Landingpage and then Target the Test2 to users who have not entered the Test1.  Please follow the below steps to achieve the same.

    1. Create a profile script named  "Test1"  and in that  return a value to this profile for customers who enters the Test1.Please see below:

    2. Create another profile script named "Test2" to check if that visitor have been to the Test1 or not  and then return a value accordingly i.e. "Enter Test2" or "Not Enter Test2"

    3. After All the set up , You can create an Audience named as "Test2-Audience" and add "Visitor Profile" as a rule and then choose the above created profile script "user.Test2"  as the refinement.

    4. Finally apply the Audience created above to Test-2.

 Please see the following links for more information on creating profile scripts .

  • https://marketing.adobe.com/resources/help/en_US/target/target/c_profile_parameters.html
  • https://marketing.adobe.com/resources/help/en_US/tnt/pdf/js_expression_cheat_sheet.pdf