Why am I charged GST for my membership?

Adobe and New Zealand GST laws

In accordance with changes to the New Zealand Goods and Services Tax (GST) Act, Adobe and other nonresident companies are required to charge GST on all goods and services. For more information, see the New Zealand tax policy news Special report: GST on online services.

When does the new tax go into effect?

The new tax is effective October 1, 2016.

How much is the new tax?

As of October 1, 2016, the GST rate is 15%. (This rate is subject to change by the New Zealand government.) 

I have an existing membership. When will my fee go up?

If you have a month-to-month plan, you will see the GST on your statement at the next billing on or after October 1, 2016. If you have an annual plan with a commitment period starting prior to October 1, 2016, the GST goes into effect at the end of your annual term.


This change does not affect the base price of your Adobe subscription or membership.

What if I have an exemption to the GST?

If you are exempt from this tax, please log in to your account and add your GST Registration number.  

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