Silently install (deploy) Adobe Photoshop Elements on Mac OS and allow for offline activation

Note: Only Enterprise customers with an Adobe Open Options (AOO) volume license can perform the following procedures.

Silent installation instructions

  1. Copy the Adobe Photoshop Elements 12 folder from the Photoshop Elements installation DVD to your hard disk.

  2. Create an “application.xml.override” file:

    1. Open TextEdit.
    2. Paste the following code into it.
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <Data key="installedLanguages">en_US,de_DE,fr_FR,ja_JP,zh_CN,es_ES,it_IT,nl_NL,sv_SE,pt_BR,pl_PL,cs_CZ,tr_TR,ru_RU,zh_TW,ko_KR</Data>
    <Data key="EULA">Suppress</Data> 
    <Data key="Updates">Suppress</Data>
  3. Choose File > Save.

  4. Type “application.xml.override” in the Filename text box.

  5. Place the application.xml.override file in the following location:

    / Adobe Photoshop Elements 12 / payloads /AdobePhotoshopElements12_Core

  6. To start the installation, open the Mac Terminal. Type the following line with the appropriate modifications:

    sudo <path to installer>--mode=silent --deploymentFile=<path to deployment file>

    For example:

    sudo /Volumes/Adobe\ Photoshop\ Elements\ 12/Adobe\ Photoshop\ Elements\ 12/ --mode=silent --deploymentFile=/Volumes/Adobe\ Photoshop\ Elements\ 12/Adobe\ Photoshop\ Elements\ 12/deploy/AdobePhotoshopElements12en_US.install.xml

Commands for suppression of Adobe ID using APTEE for volume license users

The Adobe Provisioning Toolkit Enterprise Edition is a command-line tool for supported platforms that helps you track and manage serialization of Adobe products.

To Download Adobe Provisioning Toolkit Enterprise Edition (APTEE) go to link and run the following commands:

sudo adobe_prtk --tool=VolumeSerialize --generate --serial=<xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx> --leid=”V7{}PhotoshopElements-EMT12-Mac-GM” --regsuppress=ss

sudo adobe_prtk --tool=VolumeSerialize


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