Below are the differences between the plans:

Feature Creative Cloud Photography Plan Photoshop Single App Subscription
Photoshop Included + future updates
Included + future updates
Lightroom Included + future updates Not included
Lightroom Classic Included + future updates Not included
Lightroom Mobile* Included Not included
Creative Cloud online storage 20 GB 100 GB
Adobe Portfolio Included Included
Adobe Fonts Included Included
Creative Cloud Market** Not included Included
Adobe Bridge Included Included

* Using Lightroom mobile does not count against your Creative Cloud online storage. You can sync as many files to Lightroom Mobile as your portable device can manage. For information on Creative Cloud online storage, see Browse, sync, and manage assets.

**  Creative Cloud Market is a benefit that has been added to certain paid Creative Cloud plans, and is not included in the entitlements for Photography Program customers. Some Creative Cloud services, such as Creative Cloud Market, are only available to Single App or All Apps plans. To download and use Creative Cloud Market content, upgrade to either Creative Cloud Single App or All Apps plans.

*** At Photoshop World West in September of 2013, Adobe announced the Photoshop Photography Program (PPP), a special introductory offer based on customer requests for a Creative Cloud package designed specifically for photographers. This was meant to be temporary and was initially available only as an upgrade for those who owned previous versions of Photoshop or Creative Suite. Due to the popularity of the program, we expanded it so that anyone could sign up, even first-time Adobe customers.

However, while the program remained popular, we wanted to create a permanent offer. With the Creative Cloud 2014 release, we announced the Creative Cloud Photography Plan (CCPP), which replaces the Photoshop Photography Program.

While the price remained the same, the early adopters are beneficiaries of additional perks. The Photoshop Photography Plan was a specialized version of a Creative Cloud Single App subscription. The Creative Cloud Photography Plan is an expansion of a Creative Cloud Free account. Those who signed up for the Photoshop Photography Program will continue to have access to everything they signed up for.

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