Explore 5 tips for creating the perfect PDF layout.

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By creating a PDF, you provide a single file type to your viewers that displays your content the way you intend, no matter what software you use to create the design. You can be confident that the file you create is shown precisely the same way for everyone, no matter what device they are viewing the file on.

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Save or export to PDF

Create a PDF document from your favorite app by choosing the Save As PDF or Export to PDF option from the menu. Exporting a PDF, also sometimes known as “converting” a PDF, can allow you to export an existing PDF to popular apps, such as Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, or even Excel. The ease of converting PDFs to other file formats allows you to reuse documents instead of recreating them, saving you time.

Organize and remove pages within your PDF to further customize your document. Organize Pages provides you with a 10,000-foot view which allows you to remove pages, insert or replace pages from other PDFs, rotate pages that are shown the wrong way, or even combine or split PDFs, allowing you to personalize your documents for each group or person intended to view it.

Extract and insert pages

Extracting pages from your PDF allows you to create individual documents from the extracted pages. You can either select individual pages, enter a page range, or even extract by orientation of the page, or by odd- or even-numbered pages for quick results.

Conversely, you are also able to insert pages from other documents. Acrobat provides you with a variety of options, such as inserting from file, from clipboard, from a scanner or a web page, or even just inserting a good ol’ blank page to break up your document to enhance the layout.

Rotate or replace pages

Sometimes you’ll need to rotate one page or multiple pages within a PDF, or you’ll need to replace an existing page. Acrobat allows you the flexibility to do both of these things at a touch. Replace pages one-for-one or replace a single page with multiple pages from external documents. Rotate pages in any direction to format your document for optimal viewing.

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Merge or split PDFs

In the previous points, we’ve talked about the ability to personalize your documents. For example, you may only need part of a PDF to be distributed to coworkers, while the full PDF is distributed to management. These are perfect examples of combining or splitting up existing PDFs.

You can merge, or Combine, multiple PDFs into one document. Combining PDFs can be incredibly helpful when you need to make a guidelines booklet from several individual process documents, for example. Vice versa, you may have a guidelines book that you need to split to distribute to many different departments.

Create a document inside Acrobat, from your desktop, or from most popular programs. Rearrange pages without having to open your source document. Follow our step-by-step instructions in short task-oriented articles and learn specific time-saving tools you need to get started.

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