Bugs fixed in April 2018 releases of After Effects (versions 15.1 and 15.1.1)

Use this document to see the bugs fixed in the April 2018 releases of After Effects (versions 15.1 and 15.1.1)

Bugs fixed in April 2018 (version 15.1.1) release

  • After Effects crashes when, you pre-compose a layer by right-clicking on the layer bar in the Timeline panel.
  • When you play a QuickTime video with the PNG codec as a source, the video displays artifacts in the viewer.
  • On Windows, drawing paint, clone, or other brush strokes no longer only draws a single dot in some situations.
  • On macOS 10.13, After Effects crashes or behaves strangely when you open a project or interact with the render queue. The crash occurs when the project was saved in an earlier version of After Effects and the render queue contains output modules assigned to legacy 32-bit QuickTime codecs.

Bugs fixed in April 2018 (version 15.1) release


  • When you select a text layer and press the up and down arrow keys to change fonts in the Font Family menu, the Character panel displays the preview of the current font.
  • When you use the Tab key to switch fields in the Character panel, the Font Family menu is not displayed.
  • In the Font Family menu for Arabic, Hebrew, and Indic languages, After Effects can face issues in translating the sample text. 
  • After Effects is unable to correctly read and write pixel aspect ratio values in JPEG files.
  • The small text size in the Toggle Switches/Modes button in the Timeline panel affects readability.

Shapes and Masks

  • When you hold Shift and draw a mask, the mask always draws to the lower-right or upper-left corner of the composition.
  • Free Transform mode for layer masks no longer changes the transform handle (X,Y) you drag. The issue occurs if you hold down a modifier key (Cmd/Ctrl, Opt/Alt, or Shft) after you click the mouse button to drag, and then move the pointer through the work area of an adjacent transform handle.
  • When you draw or modify mask points after you press and release the spacebar, Mask and Bezier shape path point handles are unable to follow the mouse.

Expressions and Scripts

  • Modifying an expression, or a property linked by an expression, fails to cause the composition to render the change after you export that composition via the render queue.
  • The expression auto-fix behavior (changes to a footage item, composition, layer, effect, or mask name update expressions that reference that object by name) changes other named references that have the same name.
  • The scripting method app.project.activeItem.exportAsMotionGraphicsTemplate()does not return a boolean value, as expected.
  • The scripting method app.project.autoFixExpressions() does not work when the name of the effect that the expression references is in single quotes.
  • The size of the area to expand the expression editor field in the Timeline panel is small, which impacts the clicking and resizing experience.


  • On macOS 10.12.6, After Effects can crash on launch on a late 2013 MacBook Pro. The Ray-traced 3D composition renderer is not available on this OS and hardware combination.
  • After Effects crashes if the Refine Hard Matte effects is applied to a layer that is no longer visible in the composition.
  • After Effects crashes when, you select Edit Original for a Premiere Pro sequence which is imported through dynamic Link into Team Projects.
  • After Effects crashes when, you change the Use Camera Orientation check box in the RED R3D Source Settings dialog for some R3D footage.
  • After Effects crashes after you undo copy and paste of a layer with an effect, if to do so you also undo copy and paste of an effect from that layer.


  • On macOS, when you save a project in After Effects 14.2 to a shared folder, the project file permissions automatically get set to read and write. This error limits the read and write permissions to the current user and anybody in the staff group. Other users (specifically, the everyone group) do not get read and write permissions.
  • Plug-ins that use the Mercury GPU acceleration API reference layer inputs incorrectly.
  • When After Effects is installed in Japanese language, the Output Module Settings dialog does not enable you to select Trillions of Colors when:
    • The format is QuickTime
    • The video codec is DNxHR/DNxHD
    • The codec resolution is 10-bit
  • When you enable Skip Frames (not set to zero) in the Preview panel, the same frames are skipped in every preview. If the playhead is at the end of the timeline, After Effects interprets that there are only one or two frames at the end of the Timeline and skips frame. This error results in skip count not starting from the position of the Current-Time Indicator.
  • When you modify the RED R3D Source Settings, the composition preview fails to play back or update when scrubbing the CTI. The issue occurs if the Preview option in the Interpret Footage dialog is enabled and the project is set to Mercury GPU Acceleration.
  • Dragging the anchor point fails using the Pan Behind tool of a precomposition fails if the anchor point is outside the visible bounds of the layer. The issue occurs when the Collapsed Transformation switch is enabled.
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