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In addition to assets, Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) Assets supports language copy workflows for content fragments (including variations). No additional optimization is required to run language copy workflows on content fragments. In each workflow, the entire content fragment is sent for translation.

The types of workflows that you can run on content fragments is exactly similar to the workflow types you run for assets. Also, the options available within each workflow type match the options available under the corresponding workflows types for assets.

You can run the following types of language copy workflows on content fragments:

Create and translate

In this workflow, content fragments to be translated are copied to the language root of the language to which you want to translate. In addition, depending upon the options you choose, a translation project is created for the content fragments in the Projects console. Depending on the settings, the translation project can be started manually or allowed to run automatically as soon as the translation project is created. 

Update language copies

When the source content fragment is updated or modified, the corresponding locale/language specific content fragment requires retranslation. The update language copies workflow translates an additional group of content fragments and includes it in a lanugage copy for a particular locale. In this case, the translated content fragments are added to the target folder that already contains previously-translated content fragments.

The following are the options within each workflow type. The procedural steps associated with each option are similar to those associated with the corresponding option for assets.  

Create and translate

Update language copies

You can also create temporary language copies for fragments similar to the way you create temporary copies for assets. For details, see Creating temporary language copies for assets.

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