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Mixed Media Sets let you provide a mix of images, Image Sets, Spin Sets, and videos in one presentation. 

Mixed Media Sets are designated by a banner with the word MixedMediaSet. In addition, if the Mixed Media Set is published, then the publish date, indicated by the World icon is on the banner along with the last modification date, indicated by the Pencil icon displays. 



For information on the Assets user interface, see Managing assets with the Touch UI.

Quick Start: Mixed Media Sets

To get you up and running quickly with Mixed Media Sets, follow these steps:

  1. Start by uploading the images and videos for your Mixed Media Sets. If necessary, create your Image Sets and Spin Sets. Because users can zoom on images in the Mixed Media Set Viewer, take zooming into account when you choose images. Make sure that the images are least 2000 pixels in the largest dimension.


    You must publish your assets before you publish your mixed media set.

  2. To create a Mixed Media Set, from the Assets page, tap Create > Mixed Media Set and then name the set, choose the assets, and choose the order the images appear.

    See Working with Selectors.

  3. Set up Mixed Media Viewer presets, as needed.

    Administrators can create or modify Mixed Media Set Viewer Presets. To see your mixed media with a viewer preset, select the mixed media set, and in the left-rail drop-down menu, select Viewers.

    See Tools > Assets > Viewer Presets to create or edit viewer presets.

    See Adding and editing viewer presets.

  4. Preview Mixed Media Sets.

    Select the Mixed Media Set and you can preview it. Click the thumbnail icons to examine your Mixed Media Set in the selected Viewer. You can choose different Viewers from the Viewers menu, available from the left rail drop-down menu.

  5. Publish Mixed Media Sets.

    Publishing a Mixed Media Set activates the URL and Embed string. In addition, you must publish the viewer preset orimage preset.

  6. Link URLs to your Web Application or Embed the Video or Image Viewer

    AEM Assets creates URL calls for Mixed Media Sets and activates them after you publish the mixed media sets. You can copy these URLs when you preview assets. Alternatively you can embed them on your web site.

    Select the Mixed Media Set, then in the left rail drop-down menu, select Viewers.

    See Linking a Mixed Media Set to a web page and Embedding the Video or Image Viewer.

If you need to, you can edit Mixed Media Sets. In addition, you can view and modify Mixed Media Set properties.


If you have Feature Pack 14410 installed and you have issues creating sets, see Troubleshooting Dynamic Media for Feature Pack 14410.

Uploading Assets

Start by uploading the images and videos for your Mixed Media Sets. Because users can zoom on images in the Mixed Media Set Viewer, take zooming into account when you choose images. Make sure that the images are least 2000 pixels in the largest dimension.

In addition, if you want to add spin sets or image sets to the mixed media set, create those as well.

Creating Mixed Media Sets

You can add images, Image Sets, Spin Sets, Carousel Sets, and videos to your Mixed Media set. Make sure your files, image sets, and spin sets are ready to publish before you add them to the Mixed Media Set.

When you add assets to your set, they are automatically added in alphanumeric order. You can manually re-order or sort assets after they have been added.


Assets in the mixed media set must be published before the mixed media set is published.

To create a Mixed Media Set:

  1. In Assets, navigate to where you want to create a mixed media set, and click Create, and select Mixed Media Set. You can also create the set from inside a folder that contains your assets. The Mixed Media Set Editor displays.

  2. In the Mixed Media Set Editor, select the Properties (cog) icon. In Title, enter a name for the Mixed Media Set. The name appears in the banner across the Mixed Media Set. Optionally, enter a description.



    When creating the mixed media set, you can change the mixed media set thumbnail or allow AEM to select the thumbnail automatically based on the assets in the mixed media set. To select a thumbnail, click Change thumbnail and select any image (you can navigate to other folders to find images as well). If you have selected a thumbnail and then decide that you want AEM to generate one from the mixed media set, select Switch to Automatic thumbnail.

  3. Tap or click the the Asset Selector to select assets that you want to include in your Mixed Media Set. Select them and click Select.

    With the Asset Selector, you can search for assets by typing in a keyword and tapping or clicking Return. You can also apply filters to refine your search results. You can filter by path, collection, file type, and tag. Select the filter and then click/tap the Filter icon from the toolbar. Change the view by selecting the View icon and selecting list, column or card view.

    See Working with Selectors.

  4. Re-order the assets by dragging them up or down the list (must select the reorder icon), as necessary.


    If you want to add thumbnails, click the + thumbnail icon next to the image and navigate to the thumbnail you want. When done selecting all the thumbnail images click Save.


    If you want to add assets, tap or click Add Asset.

  5. To delete an asset, select the corresponding check box and click Delete Asset

  6. To apply a preset, tap or click Preset in the upper right corner and select a preset to apply to the assets.

  7. Click Save. AEM Assets displays a confirmation that your Mixed Media Set was created. Click OK. Your newly created Mixed Media Set appears in the folder you created it in.

Editing Mixed Media Sets

You can perform a variety of editing tasks to assets in Mixed Media Sets directly in the user interface as you would any asset in Assets. You can also perform the following actions in Mixed Media Sets:

  • Add images to the Mixed Media Set.
  • Re-order images in the Mixed Media Set.
  • Delete assets in the Mixed Media Set.
  • Apply viewer presets.
  • Delete the Mixed Media Set.
  • Add thumbnails.

To edit a Mixed Media Set:


If you have Feature Pack 14410 installed, you can create mixed media sets manually or automatically through set automation. If you have the feature pack installed, you cannot see set members in the user interface. See Viewing Mixed Media Set Members.

  1. In the Mixed Media Set, click or tap Edit, or select the asset using the selector and click the Pencil icon. The Edit wizard opens. 

  2. To edit the assets in the Mixed Media Set, do any of the following:

    • To reorder assets, drag an image to a new location (select the reorder icon to move items).
    • To add an asset or update an existing asset, tap or click Add Asset then navigate to the assets you want to add and tap or click Next. Note: If you delete the image that AEM Assets uses for the thumbnail by replacing it with another image, the original asset still displays. 
    • To delete an asset, select it and tap or click Delete Asset.
    • To sort items in ascending or descending order, click the column heading.


    • To delete an entire Mixed Media Set, navigate to the Mixed Media Set, select it, and select Delete.
    • You can edit the assets in a Mixed Media Set by navigating to the set, clicking Set Members in the left rail, and then clicking or tapping the Pencil icon on an individual asset to open the editing window.

  3. Tap or click Save when done editing.

Previewing Mixed Media Sets

See Previewing Assets for details on how to preview Mixed Media Sets.

Publishing Mixed Media Sets

See Publishing Assets for details on how to publish Mixed Media Sets.


If the mixed media set does not fully end up in the delivery service the first time you publish it, you may need to publish the mixed media set a second time.