Zawartość pomocy dla wersji :

  • Adding domains

    Learn how to add an enterprise, local, or hybrid domain using Domain Management settings and general considerations for domain names and IDs.

  • Configure account-locking settings

    Use the Enable Account Locking option to lock user accounts after a specified number of consecutive authentication failures.

  • Configuring authentication providers

    Add, edit, or delete authentication providers, change authentication settings, and read about just-in-time provisioning of users.

  • Configuring directories

    Learn how to add, edit and delete directories and configure user management to use virtual list view.

  • Delete a domain

    Learn how to use the Domain Management page to delete a domain or to mark an existing domain as obsolete.

  • Editing and converting existing domains

    Learn how to change the settings for existing domains from the Domain Management page. Convert an existing enterprise domain to a hybrid domain or vice versa.

  • Synchronizing directories

    Learn how to synchronize the User Management database with changes to the source directory servers using manual or scheduled synchronization.

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