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AEM events that qualify for audit logging generate much archived data. This data can quickly grow over time due to replications, asset uploads and other system activities.

The Audit Log Maintenance includes several parts of functionality that enables the ability to automate audit log maintenance under specific policies.

It is implemented as a configurable weekly maintenance task and is accessible via the Operations Dashboard monitoring console.

For more information, refer to the Operations Dashboard Documentation.

Configure Audit Log Purging

Follow these steps in order to configure Audit Log Purging:

  1. Go to the Web Console Admin by pointing your browser to http://localhost:4502/system/console/configMgr/

  2. Search for an item called Pages audit Log Purge rule and click it.

  3. Next, configure the purge scheduler according to your requirements. The available options are:

    • Rule name: the name of the audit policy rule;
    • Audit log type: the type of audit log that should be purged;
    • Content path: the path of the content the rule will apply to.
    • Minimum age: the time in days the audit logs need to be kept.


    The content path only applies to children of the /var/audit/ node in the repository.

  4. Save the rule.

  5. The rule you just created needs to be exposed in the Operations Dashboard in order for it to be executed. In order to do this, go Tools - Operations - Maintenance from the AEM Welcome screen.

  6. Press the Weekly Maintenance Window card.

  7. You will find the maintenance task already present under the AuditLog Maintenance Task card.

  8. You can either inspect the date of the next execution, configure it, or manually executing it by pressing the play button.