The instance error.log contains an error message similar to the following:

10.07.2007 10:50:23 *ERROR* misc: Error while writing audit log: out of file system capacity reading/writing beyond position 4332800


Increase the "blocksize" configuration parameter.

  1. Edit the configuration file: /config/repository/observation.xml (if you are using contentbus, it's /config/contentbus/observation.xml).
  2. Double the value of the blocksize attribute (for example, if it's currently 128, set it to 256: <history blocksize="256" path="history/cmgr.hist">).
  3. Save the changes.
  4. Stop the instance.
  5. Delete the cmgr.hist.db file from cq_home/data/author/history.
  6. Restart the instance.

Additional information

This error occurs when the audit log file (per default cmgr.hist.db) file has reached its capacity.

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