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This document covers issues specific to SPS Desktop and SPS AIR.

Desktop version

This version is the same SPS application that is available in browser form. You can download it via SPS.

Scene7 Creative Suite Extension

For Creative Cloud 2013, Creative Suite 6 and previous versions of Creative Suite:

As of mid January 2015, the CSXS extension (also known as Flash Panels) can be downloaded from SPS. These extensions are both for Web2Print FXG workflows and for normal asset processing (for example, upload, export).

It is for the applications Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, Flash, and Adobe Premiere.

Some features of the CSXS extension may work in CC2014 and later, but it is officially unsupported by Adobe Scene7,  as of the Scene7 6.9 release (October 2014).

For W2P workflows in the future:

The plug-in for Illustrator CC 2014 was released in late 2014 and is available for download through in SPS.

The plug-in for InDesign CC 2014 will be available as a pre-release in Feb 2015. Contact Support for further information.

There is no longer any support for basic asset upload, export, or other asset functions in CC 2014 onwards.

There is no longer support for uploading and previewing FXGs directly from InDesign or Illustrator. Instead, use the plug-ins to export the FXG and linked assets to your desktop, and upload using normal SPS or FTP workflows.

You can find information about the desktop version including how to download it on our Help page:

Choose Home > Using Scene7 > Getting Started > Using Scene7 Publishing System Desktop version.


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