Repeating geometric forms are innately modern. See how to transform a simple shape — or multiple shapes — into a sleek mandala-style logo in Adobe Illustrator.

Blue flower and geometric patterned logo for Harmony Day Spa appears on a gray bag.

Download our sample art to follow along, or create your own shapes. Use the Selection tool to drag and stack the shapes vertically. Then select all the shapes and click Horizontal Align Center in the Properties panel.

Four black geometric shapes are arranged vertically

Select each object and change its fill or stroke color. Then select them all and click Group in the Properties panel.

Fill and stroke colors are added to the geometric shapes, then they are grouped together in the Properties panel.

Select the Rotate tool and Alt/Option-click the point around which you’ll rotate the shape. Type a rotation angle. Select Preview and click Copy to create a copy of the shape. Then press Control/Command + D as many times as needed to complete the mandala. Tip: If you’re unsure of the rotation angle, let Illustrator calculate it for you — type 360/n where n is the number of duplicate shapes you wish to create. For example, try typing 360/18 (for 18 repeated shapes).

The geometric shapes are rotated and copied around a center point to create a floral design

You can vary the appearance of the mandala depending on where you place the rotation point, and by altering colors and applying effects to the individual shapes.

Four images of the floral design appear in different color schemes

It’s easy to edit your mandala after it’s made. Use the Direct Selection tool to select the object you wish to change, and then click Start Global Edit in the Properties panel. You can change the fill color, stroke, opacity, or other attributes. All shape instances are edited simultaneously. Click Stop Global Edit when you’re finished making changes.

Global Edit is used to change all items with the same fill or stroke

It’s a bit like building your own kaleidoscope. Try these techniques to create colorful variations of your logo.

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