Learn how to apply blend modes to superimpose clip layers in a sequence.

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What you learned: Use blend modes to alter the way clips interact with each other and to composite foreground clips into background clips in interesting ways

Apply blend modes

To use blend modes, you need at least two clips stacked together in the Timeline. When a blend mode is applied to a foreground clip, it is superimposed, or blended, with background clips on lower tracks.

To apply a blend mode to a selected foreground clip:

  • In the Effect Controls panel, choose an option in the Blend Mode menu below the Opacity controls.

Blend Mode menu

The Blend Mode menu is divided into six categories based on similarities in the applied results: modes that add and blend luminosity and color in a way that generally tends to lighten the composite image, and modes that superimpose color and shadows in a way that generally tends to darken the blended composite image.

Tip: Results of applied blend modes are unique because they are based on the individual brightness and color values of the clips you choose to superimpose. The best way to learn about each blend mode is to apply it to different pairs of stacked clips in the Timeline.


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Adobe Stock Contributors: AILA_IMAGES, VJLoops.com, Valua Vitaly, Wundervisuals

Presenter: Christine Steele   

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