Explore transition effects in Adobe Premiere Rush.

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What you learned: Use transitions to suggest the passing of time

Apply transitions, and adjust transition duration and placement to blend abrupt cuts and make footage more engaging.

Apply a transition

Available transitions include the Cross Dissolve, Dip to Black, and Dip to White.

  • To apply a transition to both the start and end of a clip, position the playhead over the clip in the sequence to select it. Open the Transitions panel and, under Presets, choose a transition preset.
  • To apply a transition to the start or the end of a clip, rather than to both edit points, drag a preset from the Transitions panel and drop it at the start or end of the clip.
  • To apply a transition at every cut point between all clips, select all the clips in the sequence, and then choose a transition preset from the Transitions panel.

Change transition duration

You can change the duration of a transition in the Edit tab of the Transitions panel or in the sequence.

  • With a transition selected in your sequence, go to the Edit tab of the Transitions panel and move the Duration slider or enter a numeric value for the duration.
  • Alternatively, in the Timeline, move a transition’s handles to adjust the duration.

Change transition placement

  • In the sequence, drag a transition left or right to begin the effect earlier or later.

Delete a transition

  • Select the transition in the Timeline, and press Delete on the keyboard.

Tip: If you want to change an existing transition’s type, select the transition in the sequence and choose a different type in the Transitions panel. The location and duration of the effect are unchanged. 


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Adobe Stock contributors: Piotr, PRPicturesProduction, ATW Media, forrestbrown

Presenter: Christine Steele

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