Create brand unity with varying images by combining colors and gradients across your advertising campaign.

Find various images that match your brand

Search Adobe Stock for a range of brand-related imagery and add them to your Creative Cloud library.

The resulting list of images from an Adobe Stock search for floral patterns.

Create artboards and place graphics in Illustrator

Draw an artboard with the Artboard Tool, then place and scale the images to fill the entire space.

Three artboards in Adobe Illustrator featuring one floral pattern placed on each.

Apply a custom gradient over the images

Draw a rectangle over the first image, then apply a Freeform Gradient with just a few points of primary colors.

A square filled with a three-color freeform gradient placed over the floral pattern on the first artboard.

Mix the colors together by applying a blend mode

Open the Appearance Panel and set the Opacity property of the rectangle to a value of 75% and a Blend Mode of Difference. Apply the same effect to the other artboards by copying and pasting the gradient rectangle.

The opacity and blend mode have been changed in order to create an interesting mixture between the colors of the gradient and floral pattern.

Add text and export your campaign artwork

Add custom messages to the images using the text tool and wide range of typefaces from Adobe Fonts.

Custom message “Don’t miss out” being typed to appear over the image.

Export the artboards to create the final graphics

Choose Export for Screens from the Export option under the File menu, choose the JPG format and click Export Artboard.

The Export for Screens panel allows you to select and export all three artboards as final artwork.

The final result

Now you have a variety of digital ads for your campaign that are tied together through the use of gradients and color.

Three images with floral patterns and text used in social media posts.


Check out this curated collection from Adobe Stock with more images that you can use in your next project.


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