Prelude End of life

Effective September 8, 2021, Prelude will no longer be available on Existing Prelude users may continue to use the application. Technical support for the product will continue for three years, through September 8, 2024.

In 2012, we launched Prelude as a dedicated video pre-production tool to prepare media for editorial in Premiere Pro. We have taken key learnings from Prelude and, going forward, will focus our development on streamlining pre-production workflows in Premiere Pro.

We thank our Prelude users and encourage you to share feedback with our teams on the Premiere Pro feedback page as we refine pre-production workflows in Premiere Pro.

Due to changing needs of video professionals and content creators, we are discontinuing Adobe Prelude. In 2012, we launched Prelude as a dedicated video pre-production tool to prepare media for editorial in Premiere Pro. In that time, we have taken learnings from Prelude and shifted our development focus towards streamlining pre-production workflows in Premiere Pro.

Starting on September 8, 2021, Prelude will no longer be available on Existing Prelude users can continue to use Prelude. Technical support will be offered to all active Prelude customers until September 8, 2024.

Prelude was designed as a pre-production tool for organizing camera media before editing in Premiere Pro. Many users will be able to consolidate their pre-production workflow in Premiere Pro which supports camera media ingest and marker workflows for basic logging. Advanced transcoding is available in Adobe Media Encoder.

Yes, technical support will be available from Adobe until September 8, 2024.  During the support period, you can still download Prelude from Creative Cloud Desktop using the ‘show older apps’ preference.

Yes, Prelude will be available from Creative Cloud Desktop under “Show Older Apps.” Select Preferences > Apps > Show Older Apps.

Yes. Prelude will continue to work and technical support will be available through September 8, 2024. In this time, consider transitioning to Premiere Pro for pre-production ingest and logging workflows.

Yes. Please visit the Premiere Pro feedback page to vote for existing feature requests or submit your own.


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